Client Testimonials Water Audit

garden“P & P Sprinkler has helped me so much. I bought my home in Grass Valley five years ago and inherited a sprinkler nightmare. I went through two sprinkler companies before I found Peter at P & P . He has come in and fixed all 42 stations to work like a charm at a very reasonable price.
He has over 35 years of experience in this field and he was able to quickly diagnose the problems and put together an efficient plan to resolve all of the issues with the system. This saved me time, money and reduced the amount of irrigation water I am using. I highly recommend P & P Sprinkler.”
Ken R., Grass Valley

“P & P Sprinkler Co. has kept our garden beautifully watered for over 20 years. In 2003 we planted seven 20 foot tall Western Cedar trees along our driveway. Unfortunately, it was the hottest day in years and the trees, from a rain forest, were dying. I called Pete and he immediately ran water lines up the trees with sprinklers on top. He created our own rain forest that sprinkled every 20 minutes and saved the trees. P & P also recently created a lighting system for our garden that beautifully illuminates it at night. We could not be more pleased with P & P’s work.”
-B & A R, Hillsborough, California

” I just realized we have been customers for over ten years, and we just want to thank you for your great work and support during all these years. For example:

–you truly have a commitment to save water. We estimate between a 25 to 30% savings when Peter installed our new system.

–when you promise to to repair our system, you come on time and with a great attitude.

–your estimates have year after year been totally accurate. No extras (unless I change my mind and change the specs!)

So thank you so much!”
-S and J C

DSC_0012“After thirty-five years of living in a home with one half acre, I finally decided to have a sprinkler system installed in 2007. I was concerned about finding a company that was primarily in the lawn and sprinkler business. I wanted a company that had been in business for a long time and seemed likely to be in business when I needed service. I wanted someone who would honestly advise me on the best value for the hardware installed and who could explain my choices in words I could understand. P&P had been recommended by several sources. When I spoke with their representative I was impressed with the level of experience and dedication to doing a good job. Since the installation in 2007, P&P has continued to provide prompt, high quality services when called upon. I would highly recommend P&P.”
-DR, Belmont, California

“As the personal assistant for the owner of a large estate in Hillsborough, I have been working closely with P & P Sprinkler Co. for the past year. P & P was brought in to help us save a number of trees that were dying on the property due to over-watering.

After performing a water audit, P & P made changes to the equipment for the irrigation system (including standardizing heads and repairing some leaks). They then replaced the existing irrigation controllers with four 48 station “Smart” controllers with weather stations.

DSC_0540Over the course of the last year they have visited the property on a monthly basis to gather data from the controllers and to continually make adjustments to save the property owner a considerable amount of water and money. This has also greatly improved the overall health of the landscape on this estate.

P & P Sprinkler has been very diligent in communicating with me and has handled all business interactions in a very timely manner. They are highly trained professionals. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”
-JLB, Hillsborough, CA