License and Certifications

Peter Nedwick, the owner of P & P Sprinkler has been a licensed contractor by the State of California in business since 1980.

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Company History

When Peter began his business in 1980 he was primarily focused on irrigation system installations and repairs.  After several droughts in California over the past few decades, it was obvious that water conservation had to be an integral part of our business philosophy.

In 2010, California adopted the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance – MWELO.  It was updated in 2015.  This statewide ordinance sets out specific guidelines for landscape projects and they must utilize efficient irrigation systems.  It applies to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.  ( Link here)

Having been involved with implementing these highly efficient practices since 2008, we have an extensive knowledge of the best products available today to achieve the highest degree of irrigation system water conservation.