• Water Auditing

These can be provided for newly installed projects that require third party CLIA certification to obtain final permit sign off.  Water Audit link.

  • Water Management

We can provide services – either monthly or quarterly – for large or small clients who desire help in managing their water  usage on an ongoing basis. Case study link.

  • System Evaluation and Analysis

To implement the highest degree of water conservation possible, we offer comprehensive evaluations for large and small clients.  All of the system components are analyzed, along with the current layout and water usage.  Then a comprehensive plan is designed to improve the system by retrofitting. The goal is to achieve the maximum water efficiency possible.

  • Valve Locating and Wire Track

Specialized equipment to locate buried valves and damaged wiring for irrigation or outdoor lighting.

  • Maintenance – Repairs, Troubleshooting, Upgrades and Retrofitting

Repairs to damaged or leaking valves and pipes can provide greater water conservation and efficiency.

Installation of a new “Smart” irrigation controller and accompanying weather monitor is key to achieving greater water use efficiency daily. This will provide the amount of water specific to a particular site without any human interference needed. Manufacturers are now providing highly efficient products for many different applications.