Water audit and analysis
gaugeP & P has certified landscape irrigation auditors on staff. The goal of each water audit is to compile a comprehensive written evaluation that provides insights into important system data, including current water uses, possible leaky pipe issues, malfunctioning valves, low water pressure, and more. In addition, the water audit can include recommendations for system upgrades and improvements that will save you money while helping to conserve water.

Smart controllers
Smart controllers are now required on new and updated landscapes and irrigation systems. Smart controller technology is improving every year, along with its ease of use. As the global demand to become “green” continues to grow, smart controllers are a perfect way to conserve water while still maintaining the beauty of landscaped properties.
DSC_0562Rain sensors
Rain sensor technology works in connection with an automated sprinkler controller to switch off watering during periods of rainfall. This is a proven technology that can save time and money for property owners. In many cases, smart controllers and rain sensors work together as a single unit to monitor and control watering.
New installations
Installing a new irrigation system can help increase the value and beauty of your property. Whether it’s a new drip irrigation system for your hanging plants, or a complex automated system for your lawn and garden, P & P’s experienced team will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Looking for a simple, cost-effective solution that can make watering a little easier for you? Adapting existing irrigation systems for automation can save both time and water. Automation usually includes upgrading older valves where possible, changing out old sprinkler heads, placing underground wiring, and installing the automatic controller.

Thinking of taking your irrigation system to the next level but not sure where to start? If you are ready to upgrade your system, P & P can show you how to stretch your investment and get the most out of your irrigation system. We use high quality products that include the latest technology and meet all industry standards.

watercheckRoutine Scheduled Maintenance
Ongoing maintenance is a vital step in keeping your irrigation system running smoothly. Avoid big expenses on deferred maintenance by signing up for one of our routine maintenance plans. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual maintenance plans are available.

P & P has over 36 years of working with damaged sprinkler heads, broken and leaky valves, eroding pipes, and malfunctioning sprinkler controllers and wiring. We have the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective repairs that will get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency repair click here to contact us immediately.

Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water directly to the plant zone in a predetermined pattern.  A well-designed drip irrigation system allows for targeted watering for greater efficiency and healthier plants. Many new products are now on the market for drip irrigation applications, including small pop-up type heads, pressure management fittings and much more.

With over 36 years of experience, P & P has seen it all. From many common problems with non-functioning or poorly functioning irrigation systems, to complex problems with water hydraulics and drainage, P & P has the skill and knowledge to successfully troubleshoot and solve almost any irrigation issue.

Valve & wire tracking, locating
Specialized equipment is used for the locating of underground wiring for irrigation and lighting systems that have been damaged or have aged and no longer function properly. Our tracking equipment is also designed to track the locations of lost or buried irrigation valves. By using P & P’s tracking services you can avoid unsightly digging throughout your property while saving time and money.

LitePlantLow volt lighting systems
Low volt lighting is one of the easiest and most rewarding amenities to add to a landscape irrigation project. When P & P installs or upgrades an irrigation system, the low volt lighting wires can be placed in the same underground trenches used for irrigation system wires.

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