Water Conservation through Water Auditing

testing02This year marks over 36 years in business in the landscape irrigation field. Technology has taken over in a big way in our industry. We would like to share some very important changes that are going to impact how we all manage our landscaping starting this year.

Nearly twenty years ago, we became aware of a new California State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance that would go into effect in January 2010. Toward that end, Peter has continued to maintain his irrigation certifications to remain a leader in our industry to offer our clients the most cutting edge knowledge and skill to implement these changes.

In 2008, Peter was certified by the national Irrigation Association as a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.

Recently we have been installing a number of new irrigation controllers called “Smart” controllers, along with weather monitoring stations. Specific information is input into these controllers for each individual zone on the property regarding soil type, plant material (turf or shrubs), sun/shade exposure, and type of irrigation used (drip, spray or rotor type heads). Then a base program is entered into the controller. The weather monitoring station measures a number of things, such as UV light, wind, high and low temperatures and ET, (evapotranspiration) for that specific property. After a few weeks, we are then able to extract the data collected by the controller, and make adjustments to the program to ensure that the most efficient base program is established. This program can then be reduced very easily on a seasonal basis.

sprinklerWe have been managing several properties for the last eight years that vary in size from .5 acre to 4.0 acres with this new equipment. On the largest of these properties, we were able to save the client several thousands of dollars in the cost of water, and on the smaller properties, the savings was hundreds of dollars.

As our state moves forward in the coming years, water will continue to be a precious resource that will become more regulated. It will be imperative for every one of us to become educated water managers on a daily basis as this resource shrinks.

We have established ourselves as leaders in the installation and management of this new highly technical equipment.  The simple basic equipment that we have used in the past will no longer be available as our laws become more stringent.  Without proper education and certification, many in our industry or related fields, such as gardeners, will no longer be able to provide these services.  Landscape irrigation will continue to face more and more regulation in our state.  It will require educated and trained professionals to provide the appropriate services.

The best way to begin to save both water and money is to have a water audit performed on your irrigation system. Once the information from the audit is analyzed, we will submit a proposal for changes to the system. This would include upgrading sprinkler heads to be more efficient in water delivery and the installation of a new “Smart “ controller and weather monitoring station.

shutterstock_64886The best time to start thinking about these changes is now, before the weather gets warmer and you start using your irrigation system again. We can upgrade your system and you can be ready to start saving money and water once spring arrives.

Please give us a call today and set up an appointment to learn how this can benefit you.