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Summer is peak demand on water for lawns, gardens and landscapes in North America, but you can use simple practices and innovative technologies to:
.Save money on utility bills
.Minimize or defer investments in infrastructure to store and carry water, typically paid for by property taxes or municipal bonds
.Protect their community’s water supply for generations to come.

 Homeowners typically overwater lawns and landscapes by up to 30 percent. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely, and maintaining and upgrading automated irrigation systems, consumers can save money, save water and see better results.

P & P Sprinkler Company is a certified professional for both Landscape Irrigation Water Auditing and Landscape Water Management. We hold certifications by both the national Irrigation Association and California Landscape Contractors Association. We have a specialized understanding of irrigation principles, technology and techniques. We understand the local environmental conditions and we will ensure that your system complies with local building codes for backflow prevention, installation and more.

Your irrigation system is an important property investment. By using components that provide flexibility, you will be able to apply the right amount of water for each type of plant with the most effective methods and products currently available. Each year, in order to maintain our certifications, we continue our education with seminars and training so that we stay up to date with the latest technology and products available in our industry. We also stay abreast of all state and local code requirements governing landscape irrigation. We have working relationships with local water agencies.

Think Smart! Upgrade to a new “Smart” controller that automatically adjusts watering based on current weather conditions, your specific plant material, soil type and topography. See our web page Water Management Case Study that exemplifies how this technology can save a lot of water and money.

Buy the Best! Use the best components that you can afford to minimize future maintenance and total lifetime cost of your system. Many new products such as low volume nozzles, micro-spray, and drip irrigation products are now available that will apply a very small amount of water – slowly and precisely – minimizing evaporation, runoff and overspray.

Have Your System Audited. We can conduct an irrigation audit and uniformity test to verify that areas are being watered evenly and appropriately. With that data we can make necessary changes to the system to dramatically increase efficiency and save both water and money.

Meet code requirements. Include the right backflow prevention device for your area. Backflow prevention devices prevent irrigation system water from contaminating the water supply.

Hire carefully. Even the best irrigation system won’t perform well if installed incorrectly. When looking to hire a contractor, always get multiple bids, check references and confirm all vendors are insured and properly licensed.

Remember To
.Plant Right
.Invest in an Efficient Irrigation System
.Maintain and Upgrade your System
.Work with an Irrigation Professional

For Answers to some of these Questions – Please Contact Us
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